Great Expectations #3: Highest Good for All

This article is the third of three articles to expand upon a message my guides have told me about three great positive expectations  that work in every situation.  The first article was about Divine Timing.  The second was about how Everything is Positive.  Here’s the third Great Expectation:

Expect that every situation works out for the best and highest good for all.

This expectation came in handy in a conversation with a friend recently.  He had just had to lay off several employees and felt horrible about it.  Imagine telling people who have been your friends and collegues for several years that they no longer have a job.  He was really being hard on himself and felt a lot of self blame.  However, he was acting as a tool of the Universe to help these people continue their life journey in a different direction.  Sure enough, weeks later, he heard their stories of how they had started to do something else that they’d been wanting to do for a long time, or they got another job that paid them even more money and was more enjoyable.  No matter what the situation is, everything works for the best and highest good for all, even if we can’t immediately see how that is.

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