First Day of Spring in Our Garden

Hi Friends!

Yesterday was the first day of spring in the US, so Mark and I spent several hours outside in our garden enjoying the sunshine, the gentle breeze, the flowers, the lake…it was a beautiful day! I took pictures so you could enjoy the wonderful day with us, too!

Of course we invited our sweet kitty Cosmo to go outside with us, and she was so excited! She loves to explore!

I did my own exploring for new flowers blooming in the garden…

I love the pretty flowers 🙂 I also loved the bright green color and spiky sunshine shape of the palm pictured below. I usually don’t care for spiky plants, but this one felt so happy to me. It must have known it was going to be a plant celebrity on my website 🙂

The lake is low at the moment, so many plants are taking advantage of the fertile, moist soil that used to be under water.

After exploring the garden, Mark and I sat in our cozy chairs by the edge of the lake.

Can you see the turtles on the log? There are several of them – all the little bumps are turtle silhouettes.

I looked up from my chair and said hello to the trees towering above me. Hello Trees!!!

Hello Happy Clouds!

Hello Spring! It’s Melanie Jade! I’m ready for you! I’m ready for all the new, happy people and events you are bringing into my life! I know I’m blossoming like the spring flowers, and I’m happy to be me!

Happy Spring!

Lots of love to you!

Melanie Jade 🙂

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