Hear It From Spirit May 2016: What is your purpose?

Hear it from Spirit May 2016 with Melanie The Medium

Hi Friends! This month’s Hear It From Spirit call was really special. Okay, maybe I’m biased because I think they’re all special, but this month I was able to share Spirit Guide answers to the most common questions I get asked!

You’ll get guidance about finding your ideal career and holding out for your ideal relationship. You’ll hear what Spirit Guides say about your purpose and how you have a positive impact in the world. If you are particularly sensitive to the emotions around you (empathic), you’ll get guidance for dealing with that as well.

So much goodness is in store for you!

If you missed this chance to get a reading with me, you can always request a personal reading with me to get insight into your life or to connect with your loved ones who have passed.

I hope you enjoy the recording, and join me next month for Hear It From Spirit!

Hear It From Spirit May 2016

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