Hear it From Spirit October – Forgive Your Past

Hear it from Spirit October 2016

Hi everyone! Last night was a fun and funny call (I especially loved getting to say “douchebag” so many times LOL). Thank you to all of you who were able to join me!

The overall message I shared from Spirit Guides this month was about forgiving yourself for your past and releasing self-judgment. I led an inner reflection time (sounds fancy, right?) to help everyone see themselves with compassion, kindness, and understanding.

I mention my healing journey of last year when I was dealing with a spinal injury, and the article I mentioned that talks about how I did it and what finally worked for me can be found at Stories of Radical Healing.

I also mentioned the stories from my mom, who is a hospice nurse. You can hear those stories in my articles, A Sign from God: Stories from a Hospice Nurse and Signs from Deceased Loved Ones.

I’m really grateful to everyone who called in and shared their experiences. Sometimes that can be very personal, so thank you for your courage and openness. I’m sure that many other people will benefit from hearing your story.

If you missed this chance to get a reading with me, you can always request a personal reading with me to get insight into your life or to connect with your loved ones who have passed. And of course, join me next month for Hear It From Spirit!

To listen to this month’s recording, click the button below!

Hear It From Spirit October 2016

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