Hear It From Spirit January 2016 Recording

Hear It From Spirit January 2016 Recording by Melanie Jade Rummel

I had so much fun doing the Hear It From Spirit call this month! Thank you to everyone who was able to join me and get a reading! Hear It From Spirit is on the last Wednesday of every month, so I hope you’ll join me again next month!

I’m happy to report that there were only a couple of technical boo-boos during the call. First, I forgot to press record until a few minutes into the call. I only mention that because I joke about it with the first caller, and I wanted you to be in on the joke 🙂

The second technical oopsy! was that I accidentally pressed “Next Caller” too many times and dropped a few callers who had questions. I am so sorry about that! I hope you’ll join me next month to get your question answered.

And my final note before you listen to the recording is that spirit guides and loved ones who have passed like to “piggy back” on readings. Even though these are technically readings for other people, there will be something in this call that answers a question you have or reminds you of your loved one. That is your spiritual team’s way of saying hello and letting you know they are with you, so take those messages to heart.

I hope you enjoy the recording, and join me next month for Hear It From Spirit!

Hear It From Spirit January 2016

UPDATE: On this call I did a reading for Becky, who was miserable with her current job. I got the message that she was in that job because she was there to provide comfort for one of her co-workers. I described 3 women working together, and the one she was there for was a petite woman, 50s-60s, with shoulder-length wavy brown hair. I got the image of a small office in the hospital I used to work in. I said the woman had a daughter she was having an emotional situation with, Becky reminded the woman of her daughter, and that brought comfort.

After the reading, I received this update from Becky: “The woman from my work is exactly as you described, along with the two other women. She has mentioned a couple of times that I reminded her of her daughter. We worked together at the school of medicine, right next to a hospital.”

How cool is that?! Sometimes you may be in a situation to help someone else, not because it would bring joy to you. Once you make that connection, you’ll automatically feel ready to move on, so you can trust that nudge and get out of there!

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