Hear It From Spirit March 2016 Recording

Hear it From Spirit March 2016 Recording with Melanie The Medium

I had so much fun doing the Hear It From Spirit call this month! There were several readings with guidance about career direction, several messages from loved ones who have passed, and a special message from Spirit Guides about the power of taking a moment to bless your life. As a special treat, Nick joined us with an update on his job situation.

Thank you to everyone who was able to join me this month! If you weren’t able to get a reading with me, you can always request an email or phone reading to get insight into your life or connect with your loved ones who have passed.¬†Hear It From Spirit is on the last Wednesday of every month, so I hope you’ll join me again next month!

Before you listen to the recording, I want you to know that even though these are technically readings for other people, there will be something in this call that answers a question you have or reminds you of your loved one. That is your spiritual team’s way of saying hello and letting you know they are with you, so take those messages to heart.

I hope you enjoy the recording, and join me next month for Hear It From Spirit!

Hear It From Spirit March 2016

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