Home from Honeymoon!

Hello Friends!

Mark and I arrived back in Dallas a few days ago from our 3+ month honeymoon. Just like all our travels lately, we both felt a sudden nudge to return and bought tickets for the next day.

We had an amazing honeymoon! It was everything we asked for and so much more. Three of my requests from the Universe were that we tour Europe, have a sabbatical, and that it lasts at least 3 months. Even though all of those things seemed impossible at the time, I kept envisioning. I even left a prayer rock in Ireland. Mark and I were exploring a church ruin, and I saw someone had placed a prayer rock on a fallen tree branch. I found a beautiful quartz rock (quartz was everywhere there), envisioned us having the perfect honeymoon, prayed that it would last at least 3 months, and placed it on the tree. I’d forgotten I did that until I saw the photo the day we returned from our perfect, 3+ month honeymoon! ¬†Amen!




You already know that the tour of Europe (or at least the UK) happened, full of laughter, luxury, and exciting adventures. Then we spent time in Florida, which was our sabbatical time. We both wanted time to just relax and look inward, listening to our Spirits for insight about the next steps in our lives. We wanted time to find out where we would live next and find out what areas of ourselves we would like to explore next with our careers. We know all of those details now. I also experienced incredible inner awakenings that I can’t even put into words. It was truly a magical and soulful time.

Many blessings from Texas,

Melanie Jade

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