How Far Away Are Deceased Loved Ones?

How far away are deceased loved ones

You might have been told that your deceased loved ones are in heaven. Or maybe you were told they are still with you. But how far away are they really? Once they leave their body, where do they go?

Twenty minutes after my husband’s grandfather passed away, we were in his bedroom. The paramedics had placed his body on his bed. His body was on the bed, but my husband’s grandfather was in the hallway watching us as we gathered around his body with tears in our eyes. He was with us just as before, only without a body. Now, years later, he still stops by occasionally, but he isn’t constantly in the room with us.

When I’m doing group readings to bring through messages from deceased loved ones, I will usually see the spirits in the room with us. Sometimes I’ll only see the spirit I’m communicating with. Other times, I’ll look around and see a hundred spirits gathered. When I’m done with the readings, they leave.

So how far away are deceased loved ones?

In general, I like to think of them as being in the next room of the same house. If you call for them, they hear you and come near. Otherwise, you do your thing in your room, and they do their thing in theirs. If you have loved ones you don’t want to visit you, they won’t. You don’t have to worry about unwanted spirit visitors stopping by or your loved ones watching you in (ahem) intimate moments.

But when you do want to talk with them, they are with you. You may feel their presence next to you, smell their signature scent, feel their touch on your skin, or have a sensation of pure love.

Your loved ones who have passed aren’t far away, lost forever. They are right with you when you need them.

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