How I Met the Love of My Life: Part 2

Dear Friends,

I hope you enjoyed reading part 1 of How I Met the Love of My Life.  Did it put you in the Valentine’s mood?  I have to admit it’s a pretty awesome love story.  But what happened next?  Do you  think Mark knew I was the love of his life and his future wife?

Well, the short and brutal answer is a resounding NO.  Can you imagine how difficult it was for me to a) stay hopeful and b) keep my mouth shut spending day after day with the supposed man of my dreams when he didn’t even have a CLUE?!  It was torture, lemme tell ya!  Torture!  Every night I asked my Guides again and again, “Please send me the man of my dreams.  What’s the hold up?!”  And every night I would see Gabriel (one of my Guides), and he would tell me patiently, “He’s already here.”  Then I would see a picture of Mark in my head.  Did this make me feel comforted?  NO!  It just made me more frustrated.  I would respond to Gabriel, “But he doesn’t have a clue!  Ugg!”  I did tarot readings every night to confirm the messages I was receiving, and every night they would reassure me.  I meditated, begged, and pleaded, and my Guides finally told me that I needed to focus on me.  They said that this time apart was needed and that we would be together in the perfect timing.

old movie popcorn cartYou have to remember that I had been waiting for the love of my life to come along since I realized I wasn’t going to marry Patrick Swayze.  You know, at least a couple of years 😉  Anyhoo, I was ready.  However, by some miracle, I managed to keep quiet about our inevitable romance long enough to actually get to know him.  We went out together several times with a group from the church.  We’d always stay after the event and talk for several hours.  One day we went to the Pocket Sandwich Theatre in Dallas.  They show melodramas each month that are hilarious!  They have a live piano player, give everyone in the audience popcorn, and you boo or cheer for the characters (based on piano cues) and throw popcorn throughout the show.  It’s so much fun!  The entire group was supposed to be there, but one thing after another happened and Mark and I ended up being the only ones able to make it.  It was wonderful!

After the show, Mark and I took a walk to a nearby church courtyard where his grandfather plays the carillon.  It is beautiful at night!  It has a fountain, tall trees, great lighting, and feels like a magical oasis of peace in the middle of downtown.  We spent hours there talking about life and our families and anything else we could think of.  The courtyard visits became a tradition for us.

It was becoming more and more apparent to me that Mark was everything I had asked for, but I still didn’t know if he liked me.  He hadn’t made a move yet or ever said anything about how absolutely gorgeous or hilarious I am….I mean, what was his problem? 😉

One night I cried and begged to my Guides to please give Mark a clue.  I was so tired of waiting and just wanted to be with him already.  I asked them to please send me a big sign that Mark is the one for me.  I mean, a BIG sign.  Something so obvious that I would know without a doubt.

The next morning was Sunday, and I went to church.  I sat in the middle by myself and waited for the service to begin.  A few minutes later, a woman sat next to me.  I was very impressed with her.  She had great energy.  When we came to the “meet and greet” part of the service, I stood up and joyfully exclaimed, “Hi!  I’m Melanie!”  Her eyes widened and she said, “Hi!  I’m Melanie too!”  We both started laughing, and I noticed she had a nametag with her full name on it.  Something about her last name seemed familiar, but I couldn’t quite figure out what it was.  Then she said, “You probably know my son, Mark.”  OH. MY. GOSH.  Her last name was Rummel.  It all came tumbling in on me – my request for a sign, remembering Mark saying his mom was named Melanie too, and there I was sitting right next to her.  What are the chances that out of 800 seats, she would choose the one next to me?  Pretty darn slim.  She has joked with me since that all the blood drained from my face when she mentioned Mark, and apparently I started stuttering and couldn’t finish a complete sentence.  Surely that’s an exaggeration…

Two Melanie Rummel's bundled up on the beachHere’s a pic of Muvie and I trying not to freeze on the beach in Oregon.  I have the “Bride” hat because Mark and I were married that afternoon.  We all gathered on the beach that evening for a bonfire. 

Mark’s brother was scheduled to get married the next week, and Mark agonized over whether to invite me or not.  He had thought about it all week, realizing it would send a big message to me and wondering if that was the message he was ready to send.  (I have to add here that Mark takes relationships very seriously.  He had never just dated around like many people do.)  At the rehearsal dinner, the room was packed with family members, but the chair right next to him stayed empty.  My honey is a super popular man in the family, and everyone loves to be with him.  He’s the kind of guy who brightens your day and sees the positive in everything.  If you crapped on yourself, he would come up with some positive way to look at the situation.  Seriously!  So, when the chair next to him remained empty, he took it as I sign that I was supposed to be there and that that was supposed to be my chair, so he decided to invite me to the wedding.

It was so cute how he asked me, too.  (I hope you all are enjoying my mushy love stories as much as I enjoy telling them!)  He called me late that night after the rehearsal dinner.  We talked on the phone, telling one story after another, until 4AM.  We tried getting off the phone earlier, but then one of us would think of another story to tell.  Finally we hung up and fell to sleep.  At about 10AM the next morning, Mark called again.  He said he had one more story to tell.  I said, “Okay, but can I call you back in a few minutes so I can go to the bathroom?”  HA!  It was the morning, people!  Anyhoo, I called him back a few minutes later.  He told me story-book style (“once upon a time…”) about his night at the rehearsal dinner and how the only chair left open was the chair right next to him.  Then he asked me very sweetly if I would be his date that evening to his brother’s wedding.  I said, “Hmm….I don’t know….I’ll have to think about it.”  JUST KIDDING!!!  I was SO happy and SO thrilled and said YES right away.  I might have said, “IT’S ABOUT BLOODY TIME!”  But maybe I just said that inwardly…

That was the day I finally knew he’d figured it out and that he really liked me.  Thank Goodness!!  Hallelujah!  I felt like (and feel like) the luckiest woman in the world.  We had our first slow dance to Elvis’ “Can’t Help Falling In Love.”  I can still feel his shirt against my cheek and his hand in mine as we danced.  What a wonderful memory 🙂  I felt just like a princess in a fairytale.

And that memory leads to yet another magical story that will blow you away!  Do you know yet how Mark proposed to me? It’s a great story 🙂

Lots of Love,

Melanie Jade

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