How To Communicate with Your Pet

How to Communicate with Your Pet by Melanie The Medium

When I married my husband, he came with a cat named Cosmo. Cosmo hated it when I came to live with them, and she did everything she could to scare me away.

With the exception of Cosmo, pets and animals love me, so I was baffled by her behavior. I read about cats online (I’d never had one before). I read about using a squirt bottle to discipline her, asserting my dominance (what a joke), and giving treats and playing with her to get on her good side.

Nothing worked.

After over a month of trying different “expert” advice, I asked my Spirit Guides for help. They told me to meditate and talk to her. Since that first conversation, we’ve had a peaceful home.

Cosmo Kitty Apr 2016

Communicating with Cosmo has made our lives easier and more peaceful. We talk with her before she goes to the vet, and she no longer tries to bite the people trying to help her. We talk with her before each move or vacation to help her stay calm. When she started acting strangely during a trip to Florida, she was able to tell me she had fleas.

If you have a pet, you know that most of the time it’s easy to figure out what they’re trying to communicate: feed me, pet me, play with me. But if your pet’s behavior changes or you’re going to make a change that would affect your pet, it would be helpful to be able to communicate on a deeper level.

Communicating with your pet is easier than you might think. Watch the video below to find out how.

When you communicate with your pet, write down the images, feelings, or other messages you receive. Track how your pet’s behavior changes after you communicate with them so you know your consideration is making a difference.

I hope this information helps you create a more peaceful and happy home for every member of your family, including your beloved pets. If you need some additional insight into what your pet is thinking, you can always contact me for a reading.

Sending you love!


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