How to Handle Bad Vibes


Have you ever gotten the heebie-jeebies when faced with a particular person, place, or situation, and couldn’t find a logical reason for how you were feeling? Those, my friend, are bad vibes.

In this video, I’ll talk about how bad vibes help you and what to do when you feel them.┬áStay tuned after the video for more tips on how to deal with bad vibes!

It’s easy to say that you should pay attention to your bad vibes and steer clear of the source, but what if other people are involved who don’t feel the same way?

When I was trying to convince my hubby to leave the town I mentioned in the video, he was really disappointed. He was excited about going on a hike nearby, and he wanted to see the town. I felt guilty for squashing that expectation, but I was getting such bad vibes that I had to leave no matter what.

I told him he was welcome to stay while I waited in the car. I enticed him with the idea of going to another nearby town instead and said we could even come back to this one another time. I reminded him that in all the years we’ve been together, I’ve never asked to leave somewhere because of the bad vibes. We ended up going to another town nearby and having a wonderful time.

If you’re getting strong bad vibes, you have to stick to them even if other people don’t feel the same way. You can find different ways to word your concern that the people you’re with might be more receptive to.

Let’s say you’re in a business meeting, and you get bad vibes about working with a certain contractor. You don’t have to tell them you’re energetically getting a red flag and have to follow what your Spirit says. You could say something like, “I’m not ready to commit to this person right now. I would like to look into this further or consider some other options.”

If you’re with other people and get bad vibes about the place you’re visiting, you could say, “I heard great things about this other place. Let’s go check it out!”

You most likely won’t feel bad vibes often unless you tend to hang around people and places you shouldn’t. If you tend to think that everyone is out to get you or that evil lurks around every corner just waiting for your moment of weakness…that’s not the same thing that I’m talking about.

When you feel bad vibes, be thankful that your intuition is trying to help you, and heed its warning. It will help you make better business decisions, enter into healthier relationships, and avoid unpleasant situations.

Sending positive vibes your way!


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