How to See Spirit Guides

Dear Melanie Jade,

What can I do to see my Spirit Guides?

When you have a great friend, you want to see them, right? So of course we all want to see our Spirit Guides. It helps us feel more connected with them and proves to us that we’re not delusional in thinking they exist. Here’s a great technique you can practice in order to see your Spirit Guides.

Seeing With Your Inner Vision

When you see anything in the spiritual realm, you use your inner eye, or third eye. You may have experienced feeling a pressure, itching, pulsing, vibration, or other sensation in the middle of your forehead during your meditations or other spiritual work. This is where you have a chakra, or energy center, referred to as your third eye chakra or brow chakra. It is commonly associated with the color purple and helps us with our ability to see spiritual realms (clairvoyance).

This basic knowledge of the third eye chakra will help you understand where to focus using this technique. It will also help you remain aware of sensations in this area of your forehead to take note of in your psychic journal.

Technique to Practice Seeing Your Spirit Guides

1. Close your eyes. Look at the inside of your eyelids. It’s black, right? Now become an observer, and imagine that you are looking at an internal black movie screen in the middle of your forehead where your third eye chakra is located. View it as you would in a movie theatre, seeing the screen from several feet back and just observing, waiting for the show to begin.

2. Tell your loving Spirit Guides that you are ready to see them and receive the messages they have for you.

3. Continue being the observer and watch the screen for whatever length of time you feel most comfortable with. If you’re just starting, begin with 10 minutes per day. Consistency of practice is more important than the length of time you do this exercise.

4. When you are finished, write down everything you

  • Saw – images, colors, flashes of light, pictures of words, etc.
  • Felt – tingles, heat, pressure, etc.
  • Smelled
  • Heard – songs in your head, voices, music, other sounds

That’s it! Each time you practice this exercise, you train yourself to be able to see with your psychic vision, or 3rd eye. This will help you see loved ones who have passed into Spirit, auras, Nature Spirits, and of course, Spirit Guides and Angels.

Keep in mind that your Spirit Guides may not appear in human form to you. They may appear as bright lights, as symbols, as animals, or any other form. In order to get the most out of this exercise, release your expectations about what you will see and experience. Returning to the movie theatre visual, imagine you are sitting in a theatre and have no idea which movie is going to be shown. Watch with an open mind, just being present and observing.

If you don’t see any images the first time you do this exercise, keep practicing. Developing your psychic abilities takes time and patience.

Have fun seeing your Spirit Guides!

Melanie Jade 🙂

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