How Your Daily Intuition is Helping You

How your daily intuition is helping you

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Every day your intuition is helping you. It might send a message through a nudge, gut feeling, something you hear or see…any of these things can be signs from your intuition. Sometimes the message might be about something so inconsequential that you wonder why your intuition even bothered. A classic example is using intuition to help you find a parking spot. Let’s face it, a parking spot is not life or death, so why bother?

There is a big benefit to noticing your intuition in these small daily ways. The more you practice with small, inconsequential events, the more you will start to trust your intuition. Then, when you are going through major life changes (changes in your home, relationship, career, health, etc), you will be able to tune in and get answers from your intuition. You will feel a stronger sense of direction and won’t get swayed by your fear or the way things appear on the surface. Your intuition can help make the big changes in your life much easier to get through. 

Watch the video below to learn more, and when you’re done with that, here are two more that offer addition tips to help you use your intuition:

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