Inventive Journaling

Hi Friends!

Here’s a manifesting technique to get you feeling that what you want to create in your life already exists.  That idea may seem silly, but when you are feeling like what you want already exists, you open your mind to creative ideas to make it happen.  Plus, you attract to yourself more good feelings and situations.

I started doing this several years ago when I was working at the hospital.  I would get to work early and start writing in my journal.  Instead of writing about what was really going on, I would write about my ideal life.  I would talk about the clients I saw that day, how great it is living with Mark (that was before we were living together), and lots of other things that were going on in my ideal life.  I like to call it “inventive journaling”.  We’d follow that up after work with “inventive conversations”, where Mark would ask me how my day was, and I would describe my dream day doing my dream job.  It was a lot of fun! It helped me stay hopeful, inspired, and motivated to create my ideal reality.

While we were cleaning out boxes in the garage, I came across one of my journals.  I read the entry where I was talking about how wonderful it was to live with Mark, and I knew I hadn’t been living with him at that time.  I was so confused!  Then I realized I was reading my “inventive journaling” entry! Ha!  Looking back, a lot of things I journaled about are now part of my everyday life. See? It works!

So what is your inventive journal entry today?

Melanie Jade 🙂

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