Is a past life holding you back?

Is a past life holding you back by Melanie the Medium

If you have ever considered the possibility that you might have lived before, you’ve probably also wondered if something from your past life could be affecting your life now. Maybe a past life would explain why you’re scared of spiders, feel uncomfortable in a crowd, or feel an unusually strong connection to someone, for example.

Many people ask me if something from a past life could be holding them back or causing them to feel blocked. In this episode of TrueYou TV, I’m sharing what my Spirit Guides want you to know about your past lives.

Sometimes when I’m doing readings, I’ll spontaneously get a vision of someone’s past life. If it will help my client understand their circumstances or their personality, their Spirit Guides will let me know about it.

Most of the time though, any hangups and blocks you might feel come from not seeing yourself accurately in this life. You might have moments when you forget that you are an amazing, unlimited spiritual being with a team of loving helpers on your side. When you remember that, you can move forward with confidence and peace of mind.

If you’re curious about your past, I can walk you through seeing a past life that is relevant to your life now and help you use the knowledge of that life to feel a deeper sense of understanding and compassion for yourself.

To explore your past lives, contact me for a reading.

You don’t have to be worried that your past is holding you back or think that you have to pay someone to clear you past karma or blocks. Anything you need to learn or work through will naturally be part of this life.

Learning about your past lives can be fascinating and help you get a deeper sense of understanding and compassion about yourself, but it isn’t necessary for you to create a life you love.

What IS necessary is to realize how amazing you are. Recognize the strength you have, the things you’ve overcome, the love you’ve shared, and the unlimited gifts you have to share with the world. When you recognize your greatness now, any blocks you may feel will disappear, and you will feel able to move forward and create a life you love.

Sending you love,


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