Is it a sign or your imagination?

Is It a Sign or Imagination

We all need reassurance at times. We need to know that we’re not facing our struggles alone, that we’re on the right path, or that our loved one who has passed is okay.

I tell my clients to ask for a sign. The next logical question is, “When you get a sign, how do you know it’s really a sign and not just your imagination?” In this video, I explain an easy way to tell the difference.

A sign could be something you see or hear. It could be a book that you come across, a feeling of warmth or coolness on your skin, or the lights flashing. Basically, a sign can be anything that stands out to you.

When I get a sign, it suddenly feels like there is more energy in the air. My focus zooms in on the sign, and I have this surreal feeling that my life is so much more than I realize. So when I say a sign will stop you in your tracks, I mean it. It feels very different from the other aspects of your day.

Signs I’ve Received

I have received so many signs over the years (because I bug my Spirit Guides to send them all the time), but I want to share a couple so you can get an idea of what you might encounter.

Before I started my own business as a medium, I quit a very stable job. I had no idea what I was going to do instead. All I knew was that I couldn’t spend another day in that environment. I felt such relief on my last day!

On the way home, I started thinking about how clueless I was about what was next. I worried that I’d made an irresponsible decision, that I’d run out of money, and that I’d never figure out what I really wanted to do for my career. I started thinking that maybe I’d made a huge mistake.

I was crying as I climbed the stairs to my apartment, but when I reached the top of the stairs, there was a white feather in the middle of the walkway.

When I saw the feather, I felt a wave of reassurance. I knew my Guides and Angels were telling me it was going to be okay. A feather had never been a sign for me before, but when I saw that one, I knew. It came at the perfect time.

Another sign I received came from my husband’s Great-Aunt Libby. Before she passed, she told me how she loved the symbol of the butterfly, and she wanted her memorial service to be decorated with images of butterflies.

I wasn’t able to go to her memorial, but I was watching a TV show that day, and the characters decorated their nursery with butterflies. They zoomed in on the walls and all the butterfly decor, and after a few seconds, I thought of Libby. Then they showed their baby girl and said that her name was Elizabeth. Aunt Libby’s full first name is Elizabeth. I felt chills, and I knew that was her way of saying hello.

Don’t Discount Your  Sign

When I do a reading for someone, I get to hear the most amazing stories! They tell me about getting signs from their loved ones and their Spirit Guides, and I am blown away! And then they ask, “Did I just make that up, or was that really a sign?”

One of my favorite examples of this is when one of my clients was grieving the loss of her father. She was taking a walk, and a butterfly kept flying in front of her. She got the feeling that it was her father trying to let her know he was with her. But then she thought about how much her father loved frogs, and she said to herself, “Now, if a frog had hopped in front of me or something, then I would believe it was my dad.” Immediately after having that thought, a frog hopped in front of her!!!!!!!

I was blown away! And yet, after telling me this amazing story, she said, “But I realize I’m probably imagining that that was a sign. What do you think?”

Really? Come on, people. Lol! Her sweet father is probably on the other side thinking, “How many of God’s creatures do I have to put in her path before she acknowledges it’s from me?!” LOL

I think what’s really happening here is that she wanted it to be her father so badly, and she was worried that it wasn’t. I understand that. It’s hard when you’re grieving a loss, and no matter how amazing the sign is, it will never be the same as having them in physical form again.

If you get a sign, and it helps you, take it. If it comforts you and gives you reassurance or hope, take it. You deserve to feel comforted, so don’t deny yourself that gift.

Ask for a sign, and trust that one will come to you. It may come in a way you don’t expect, but it will come.

Sending you lots of love,


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