Is it too late for you?

Is it too late for you? by Melanie The Medium

Do you ever feel like you’ve missed your chance? As a medium, I get to talk with really amazing people and hear their deepest fears. All of my clients have wonderful goals, and they have so much to offer the world. But so often I hear, “Is it too late for me? Have I missed my chance?”

Is it too late to find love? Is it too late to start a family? Am I too old to change careers?

Many of us have times when we wonder if we’ve missed our window of opportunity. I hope that the message in today’s video will help you realize you are right on time.

There have been many times in my life when I’ve felt like things were taking too long or I was running out of time – finding my love, figuring out my career, growing my business, finding a home… And each time my Spirit Guides told me, Everything happens in perfect timing, including you.

Perfect timing is something we have to trust until we’re farther down the road and can look back to see how everything worked out.

Whenever you feel worried about your timing, these affirmations can help:

I know that I am right on time. Everything happens in divine timing, including me. I know I have the desire for a new experience because I am ready for it. I trust my internal clock, and I know I am right on time.

Sending you love my friends!


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