Is your relationship going anywhere?

Is your relationship going anywhere - Melanie the Medium 800

How do you know if your relationship is going anywhere? It’s such a crappy feeling to be waiting for someone you’re dating to give you a clue about how they feel. Are they serious? Do they picture getting married someday?

Is this going to end in tears and disappointment?

Wondering and waiting can drive you nuts, so in this video, I’m sharing a different way of looking at the situation so you can feel empowered and emboldened in your relationship again.

Sometimes people stay in a relationship that they know isn’t their ideal because they are worried that they can’t find something better. Many years ago, my Spirit Guides assured me that I can have my ideal relationship. They told me to get clear about what I really wanted and to decide that I wouldn’t settle for less.

A few weeks later, I met my wonderful husband.

If you are frustrated with how your relationship is going, or if you often feel insecure about how much your partner loves you, maybe it’s time to ask yourself if this relationship is truly your ideal.

Remember, you deserve the best. You deserve true love, and you can have it.

I have received so many requests from people wanting to know what guidance Spirit Guides have about how and where to find true love, and how to know when you’re dating someone if it is going somewhere or if it’s a waste of your time. I answer all of those questions in my Finding True Love online course. Check it out!

If you would like some personal guidance about your relationship, you can request a reading with me. I’d be happy to help you get clarity and feel more peaceful about your love life again.

Sending you lots of love!


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