Spirit Guides Talk About Joy, God, 2012, Fear, and Time

What we would like to say is that there are so many wonderful, loving energies here wanting to help you in everything you do.  We are always here.  We are always helping in many ways, but sometimes you don’t recognize us, but that’s okay.  We don’t do it for the recognition.  But know that if you are ever having a difficulty or trouble, or you have a question about something that you want to understand, call to us and we will give you the answers.

You don’t always give the whole answer.  I’m thinking of times I wanted to know every detail about when and how something would happen in my life.  I would get information, but as far as time, I would hear, “Soon.”

We give the entire answer that we are able to give at that time.  Sometimes for your development it is best to just let things happen, and knowing about it beforehand would interfere with your process of development.


Giving exact dates and times is not useful, and it doesn’t even matter in our world or yours because time, numbers on a clock, does not exist. You have a structure to help you with the hours and the days, but time does not exist like that for us.  Plus, things are always changing.  There are many factors that go into to everything you do and everything that happens.  What if we said three o’clock one day, but then something changes and it comes at a different number on your clock.  Then you would say you didn’t hear us, and any other valid communication would be disregarded.  We would rather talk about the process.  In order for one thing to happen, this and this must happen, and so on.


Everyone has the ability to talk with us.  Everyone.  There are many ways to communicate – through thoughts, writing, dreams, quietness and many others.

(they then started talking about someone in my family and the journey they are on.  I cut out the personal details.  I was also thinking too much, so they started taking over more of the typing, typing all over the place and misspelling words to get my conscious mind out of the mix.  Usually they are typing but I have enough involvement that the words are spelled correctly the first time.  To help me stop thinking, they took over more.)  Here is an example of how the rest of the message looked before I went back and made it more legible:

We all have beautifuldjournesyaas. thatere is not one person who do es not have a beautiful soul and journey.  sometimes tid it etaekeas gettind out of it to realize it.  but whow will I know whaty’ you’ve  said after wasreds. does it matter/  it’s the communicateion that matters’s, right?  yes. thank god.  your are here.  we will thatnk him.  Who is god.  is there a separate?

Here is that paragraph and the rest translated:

We all have beautiful journeys.  There is not one person who does not have a beautiful soul and journey.  Sometimes it takes getting out of it to realize it.

(I talk to them about the misspellings) But how will I know what you’ve said afterwards in order to type it for other people?

Does it matter?  It’s the communication that matters, right? (I felt that what matters is that I get the message.  If I am unable to read it after I get it and cannot share it on my site, then it was given for me personally, so it doesn’t matter whether I can read it later or not).

Who is God?  Is there a separate entity called God?

A concentration of energy, more than a separate.  You are a certain vibration and concentration of energy, we are as well, as are angels and all beings.  We are all part of the same energy, but there are different concentrations.  What you call god is a high concentration of love energy.  But there are others.  There are other concentrations and high concentrations.  You tend to want to think in terms of black and white, one or none, but there are many shades to this lightness that you call god, and there are many possibilities in the universe that you are yet to comprehend. But we are speaking and all will become clear someday.


Well, someday or some dimension.  Maybe not in this life, maybe the after life.

There are many changes going on in the world now, but they are drastic changes in some cases, and many are trying to see these as bad.  Everything happens for good.  It hurts us to see so much fear and clinging to what doesn’t work when we are helping and guiding to a brighter future and world.  Stay away from the negatives because it does no good.  To have a peaceful life, you must see the world for the beauty that it is.  The beauty in the trees and the sky, each insect and leaf.  Each person. Each soul.  Some things cannot be understood, but if you know that it is all good, what does it matter if you understand it or when?

Yes.  We know you like to know everything, but sometimes you just have to go with the flow, as you say.  Go with the flow and trust that what we do is what is best for the world and the planet. We watch over and manipulate for the better.

Manipulate?  That has a negative connotation.

Changes. We enact changes.  We are always helping.

How do people know if they are speaking to their guides or not?

Oh we are so glad you asked this because this is a common question.  You know because you feel love and peace.  Guides are not bossy, nor are they mean or judgmental.  We love.  That is what we do.  If you received loving messages and you feel it is from us, that is great.

What if they wonder if they just made up the loving messages?

If it is loving, what does it matter?  There is love in me and there is in you.  As long as it is love it is a beautiful message unto itself.  It is the greatest message there is.

What about this 2012 that everyone is concerned about.

There are changes, but there are always changes.  Look what is going on in your world right now.  The world is constantly changing and developing, as are you and everyone and every being.  We don’t work in years anyway.

But what about numerology and the energy of numbers?

There are phases of energy, yes.  We don’t work in years though.  There are monumental changes happening all the time. We know what you’re asking, but the message we want to get out is that there is no need to be afraid.  Why do humans make excuses to be fearful?  There is nothing to fear.  Nothing.

What about robbers or murderers?

What about them?

Shouldn’t they be feared?

What can they harm when you are an eternal being?

Well they can harm physical bodies.

Everything happens for a positive reason.  If someone experiences this, we understand how traumatic that can be, any physical violence, but things happen for our highest good and best develpoment, so instead of saying, woe is me, what are you getting from this situation?  Transform it.  Fear can be transformed into elation.  What is important?

There is much pain and suffering in the world, but we say, explore the opportunity to find bliss in this situation.  It is always there.  There is always a way to share gratitude, even in distress.

Any final notes?

Joy.  Joy is the best and highest.  Joy in each moment.

Thank you so much for coming through to me today.

Thank you.  We love to talk. We love when you listen.  We love all and send love to all.

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