Learning Your Spirit Guide’s Name

I was almost fast asleep (it’s 12:34AM now) and completely exhausted when I was urged by Spirit to write this article, so I’m going to let my guides take over now to help you learn what your Spirit Guide’s name is.  Okay, they are going to work with me, they said, so I can share some of my stories at the same time.  They just said that helps add character to the article.  Okay, here goes:

First, let us say that it really doesn’t matter what you call us, we are happy with any name.  However, we understand that on your plane, names give a certain familiarity and sameness that is very comforting to you.  We are ever changing energy, constantly moving and adapting, constantly taking new form and shape, but we understand that names are very important on your plane, so we are happy to give you names to refer to us by.  Some of these names refer to our energy characteristics, much like you would name a child and look up the meaning to make sure it is characteristic of qualities you feel your new child will have. (This led to a long message about conceiving children).

You have many guides and many spirits around you, and we are happy to give you names to refer to us by.

I was just guided to take over, so here are my stories:

The first time I learned a name of my guide, it was my primary guide, Gabriel.  I quieted my mind and asked what my guide’s name was.  The first thing that came into my mind was Gabriel.  I didn’t trust that right away, but it has been confirmed numerous times.  It is amazing the many ways spirits will confirm information.  Most recently, I went into a metaphysical shop where the owner picked up an “angel spray” and said he was intuitively led to pick up this one for me.  He turned the bottle around, and the scent was named Gabriel.  I’ve know Gabriel’s name and been communicating with him for at least 15 years.

Another time, I saw an Indian guide who helps me ground myself.  I saw him while meditating to ground myself, and we were in a drum circle drumming and stomping the ground.  If you are interested in grounding your energy, doing these activities is very effective.  Get out those pots and pans!  I asked what his name was.  The next morning, just before I woke up I saw in my head the word MORE, a plus sign, and a picture of Abe Lincoln.  It kept flashing one part at a time until my conscious mind realized what was going on and caught on to the message.  I kept saying More+Abe repeatedly until I finally realized his name was Morabe.  I have looked for the meaning of this name, but haven’t found anything.  I don’t know if the spelling is off and it just sounds like Morabe or what.  Either way, that’s his name.

Another time, I was lying in bed and a face came right up to mine.  It sounds a little scary, but actually it was really funny.  I felt a lighthearted, happy energy, and I saw the face clearly.  It was a man with a round face and cherub cheeks.  He had a wreath around his head and looked very Grecian (toga-like outfit and all).  He said his name was Hercedes and that he was from 4000BC.  I asked him what he did then, and he said he worked on the wheel.  I got the feeling he wasn’t actually inventing the wheel, but working on a mechanism to help it turn better in carts and such.  I’m not a history buff at all, so I had no idea if this was an accurate time period for that to be happening.  However, after doing some research online, I realized it was!  That was pretty cool.

So, in order to find out your Spirit Guide’s name (or guides’ names), just ask.  It’s best to ask while in meditation or while your mind is quieted so you will be able to hear their answer.  You can also ask before going to sleep at night, and affirm that you will receive the answer before you wake and will easily remember the name you are told.  When you get a name, if you are unsure, ask for signs that you heard correctly.  Be aware and open to receiving the signs.  You will know when you’ve received a sign.  Trust your intuition.

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