Spirit Guides Talk about Light and Darkness

Usually after I meditate, I write about what occurred.  A few days ago I had this insight about light and darkness.  As I was writing, my Spirit Guides were standing over me.  After the first few sentences, they continued with their insight on what darkness is.

I really could see myself as a beacon of light, and I know that is the truth.  I know that I am not alone, I am loved and part of the greater whole, which is made of light.  I believe that is all there is.  There is light, and then there is blockage of light, but there is not darkness.  Darkness is just blockage of light, it is not a thing unto itself.  Since light is the source of energy and power, things and people who block light have very weak energy and power.  They must try to use other people’s energy and power to keep them alive.  This is not the best way of getting energy, because nothing is stronger than our own individual connection and realization of the greater source, the light.

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