Look how far you’ve come!

Dear Friends,

Have you ever felt like your life is not moving fast enough? That success, your ideal mate, your career, your new home, more money, or whatever else you desire isn’t coming soon enough?

The last time I felt like this, my Guides showed me the image of me looking down at a new plant and wondering why it wasn’t growing faster. Then my Guides invited me to look up. When I did, I saw I was standing in a lush garden. My Guides said, Look at all you’ve grown! You’re focusing on new growth, wondering why it’s taking so long, and forgetting about all you’ve already accomplished.

Just Keep Growing

If you are having one of those moments, where the life experience you are wanting to create seems to be taking forever to come to fruition, I invite you to look at the lush garden of your life. Remember how far you have come. Think about all the goals you have already accomplished, all the fears you have overcome, all the successes you have had. Your new goal may still be growing, but you have already had a lifetime of success! Trust that just like all those other goals, the one you are working toward now will produce fruit. Most of all, just keep growing!

Sending you love and light,

Melanie Jade 🙂

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