Love Note From Spirit Guides: Ask For Help

Love Note From Spirit Guides - Ask For HelpDear Loved One,

We are always here for you. There is nothing more important to us than making your journey easier and giving you comfort and encouragement when you need it.

You may wonder why, in the most difficult times, you sometimes feel alone. This isn’t because we’re not there. We are always helping behind the scenes. It’s just that sometimes your heart and mind aren’t open to the help that is always available to you.

Have you noticed that sometimes when a person offers to help, you reject them? You push them away out of fear, shame, or as an outlet for anger and frustration? There is always help available. Sometimes you’re just not ready to accept it, and that’s okay.

But when you want to feel our presence and know that we are with you, ask for our help. When you ask for help, you open your heart and mind to receive it. When you ask for help, you start recognizing the help that is already available to you. You step out of your problem and are open to solutions.

When Melanie read this love note, she asked for help relieving her back pain. Immediately, she got the idea for a more comfortable position for her body and realized the heating pad she was using was folded in a way that made it less effective. Within seconds, her discomfort was gone. Sometimes we help by sending little thoughts of things you can do to to improve your situation. Notice those new ideas that come to you when you ask for our help.

Melanie also asked us to nudge her husband to make breakfast so she could rest. She hadn’t asked him, he was already busy with other tasks, and she usually takes care of that meal. But, lo and behold, he walked into the room twenty minutes later with a hot, delicious breakfast for her. You should have seen her jaw drop in shock! Although why she should be surprised is anyone’s guess. She asked for our help, didn’t she?

We are always helping you behind the scenes, and we love to know how we can help you even more. We are part of your team. You are not alone, loved one. Ask for our help.

With love,

Your Spirit Guides


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