Love Note from Spirit Guides: Beautiful You

Love Note from Spirit Guides - Beautiful You

Dear Loved One,

We cannot impress upon you enough how beautiful you are. Not because of your new haircut or the two pounds you just lost. You, in every way, are so beautiful to us.

We see beyond your self-judgment, your worry, and your fear. We see beyond the zit on your nose that you swear is visible from space. (It’s visible from 3 feet, but definitely not space.)

When we look at you, we see the most beautiful, pure light. Like looking at the sun, except so much bigger.

Your beauty is in everything. It is in your touch, your smile, your tears, your thoughts, your dreams, your discouragement. Your words, your silence, your trust.

You are SO beautiful. You can’t help it! It’s just what you are. We know sometimes you don’t see it, and we’d love to help you. Just ask us, “Please help me see my beauty.” We are here for you, in any situation, for anything you need.

Sending you love forever and ever,

Your Spirit Guides

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