Making a Life Change as a Couple – Our Story of Deciding to Move to Guanajuato Mexico

Making a Life Change as a Couple - Our Story of Deciding to Move to Guanajuato Mexico

Hola Amigos!

Many of you know by now that my hubby Mark and I have moved to Guanajuato, Mexico! We’ve been here almost a week and are loving our new adventures every day!

Today I am sharing a behind-the-scenes look at some of the emotional and spiritual shifts that happened before we arrived, as well as some of our journey of making a big life change as a couple.

Guanajuato Centro with Mark and Melanie Rummel

You may have children or other family members you have to consider before jumping into a new adventure. Even though the focus of this video is making change as a couple, the ideas we share in this video can apply to your team of loved ones as well.

One of the things that has helped us is to stay away from “me versus my partner” mentality. As much as possible, we try to remind each other that we are on the same team and that we both want each other to be happy. We keep talking and working together until we’ve thought of a solution that works for both of us.

No matter how close you are as a couple (or a family), there are bound to be times when tensions run high, you’re feeling scared, and one or both of you is wondering if this big change is worth the effort and worry. One thing that helped us is having days when we agreed not to talk about our move or work on planning for it. The next day, we always felt refreshed and had new ideas for how to move forward in peace.

And finally, be flexible. Working with a team means you have more than one inspirational, creative Spirit to help make your dreams come true. Allow yourself to be flexible and open to new possibilities to make those dreams happen. When Mark and I first started talking about moving to Guanajuato, we were going to travel by plane. We were both uncertain about driving our car there. However, I didn’t want to sell our car, and flight prices were getting higher, so eventually we both decided to take the plunge – and our car! – to Mexico. As we enjoyed the stunning mountain views the entire drive through Central Mexico, we knew we’d made the right decision.

What helps you work together with your partner or family members?

Sending lots of love on your journey!


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