Energy Blueprint for Physical Manifestation

One of the guides I see often is Merlin the Magician. He is very very cool. He’s got sparkling crystal-blue eyes, long gray beard, deep purple hat and cloak with stars and moons on it…the works. His energy is very happy, light, and effervescent; it reminds me of champagne. He helps me with laws of metaphysics, shows me elements of my future, etc. I thought I’d share my most recent lesson with you. I don’t know if these lessons or other things my guides say help anyone else other than me, but at least they can offer a sneak about the types of things your guides may talk to you about.

I was meditating and found myself in a forest looking at Merlin’s house with him standing next to me. He turned to me and said, “Watch this!” He waved his wand at his cute cottage, and it disappeared. All that was left was a turtle in the middle of the house and a bright speck of light. I was astonished that it was gone. We walked around where the house used to be. Then I started to see lines of energy outlining the house and the bricks. It was like white lines of light very faintly outlining everything. Merlin said, “Now look,” and one by one, the bricks of the house filled the energy outline of the house until the physical form was there. He said it just looked like the house wasn’t there. The energy framework for it was already there. The physical form just had to be fit to it, one brick at a time, so we could see it.

I took this as a reminder that everything starts as a blueprint in energy. Every physical form, every relationship, every illness…everything. Thoughts and feelings create the energy, then more energy condenses to fill in the blueprint.

I had been talking to my guides about the home my boyfriend and I would like to have in the near future. They were telling me to continue to expect it and create it in my mind, because that’s how the energy blueprint is created.

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