The Purpose of Guidance

Hi Friends!

There are many different sources of guidance in our lives – authors, spiritual teachers, friends and family, Spirit Guides, and psychics (like me!). Here is what my Spirit Guides say about the purpose of the guidance we receive from outside sources:

When you turn to others for guidance, remember that they are there to remind you of your own Divinity. They are there to remind you that you are one with the source of all things. They become a channel for you to hear confirmation of what your Spirit has already been telling you.

As you seek guidance from others, seek it out of strength, not insecurity. It is a strength to recognize when you aren’t hearing the voice of your Spirit. It is a strength to recognize when you are confused and to take steps to gain clarity again. But recognize the guidance you receive as what it is – a helping hand for you to connect and trust once again in your own internal knowing.

You are blessed with answers. You are blessed with knowledge. You are blessed with the ability to connect to the energy of all things. Recognize your Divinity. Cherish your Spirit.

All that is

If you are going through a confusing or difficult time right now and would like guidance, consider getting a psychic reading with me. The loving messages I give you from your Spirit Guides can instantly bring you more clarity, peace of mind, and the confidence you need to move forward in your life.

Sending you many blessings,


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