Messages from Spirit About the Loss of a Baby

Messages from Spirit About the Loss of a Baby

There are few tragedies new parents fear more than the loss of their baby, whether by miscarriage or a loss after the baby has been born.

What do Spirit Guides say about the loss of a baby? What happens to the soul when there is a miscarriage?

In this video I’m sharing three stories from readings I’ve done to offer insight into what happens on the other side when a baby passes.

(Note: In the video, when I said I no longer felt sad for the babies in the NICU, I meant that I no longer wondered about their purpose being here, and that I was grateful for the love and joy they brought. I obviously wish that they were in good health and not suffering.)

There is nothing I could say that would take away the grief of someone who has lost a baby, but I hope these stories can be of some comfort to you or someone you love.

If you are currently grieving the loss of a child by miscarriage or stillbirth, has a list of hotlines and other resources to help. They also have guidelines for family members and friends to help them know what to do to offer comfort to the parents. If you are looking for an overall list of hotlines and grief support, visit their National Support Groups page.

In the UK, you can call the Child Death Hotline, which is staffed with volunteers who have also experienced the loss of a child.

If you know of other resources available, please let me know in the comments below or send me an email.

UPDATE: After I posted this video, many people wrote to me to ask about abortions. All of the messages I share in the video regarding a baby’s passing also applies to babies who have been aborted. Their spirit remains unscathed, and they may come as a child later to the same parents or to other family members.

Death is not the end. It doesn’t matter how a physical life is ended, it is not the end for that spirit. The spirit (the essence of the person) survives and is okay on the other side.

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