Messages from Spirit Guides About Your Career

Readings Giveaway Answers Career

Most of us go through periods when we could use some guidance about our career. This week I hosted a readings giveaway on my facebook page to share guidance from Spirit Guides about finding your ideal career, how to grow your career, and overall next steps to have a more fulfilling and joyful experience. You’ll find the answers to some of the questions I received in the video below.

Your Guides can share messages through insight given to other people, so before you watch the video, keep in mind the question you would like to ask about your career. Then, watch with an open heart and mind. Notice which messages stand out to you. Those are the messages your Spirit Guides want you to know.

Here are some additional resources on my website to help answer your questions about your career:

What Spirit Guides Say About Finding Your Ideal Career

New Career Exploration

Look How Far You’ve Come (for when you don’t think things are happening fast enough)

And of course, you can also request a reading with me!

I hope this information helps you along your path to finding your ideal career!

Sending lots of love,


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