My Inner Crafter

My inner crafter has been popping her head up in my life recently, and I’m really excited about letting her express her beautiful talents.  I love crafty crafting projects.  I love making artsy fartsy things.  A recent green project my honey and I are working on brought up the fact that it would be really handy to have a sewing machine.  Hmm….hehehehhehehe!  My honey is all for it, but my logical side stuck her head in the mix and said, “Are you really going to use this?”  Everything has to be justified for her.  So then I think to myself, “Will I?”  I certainly don’t want something to sit around.  So, I happened upon a super fun joyful crafty website today.  I love love LOVE it!  It’s called Happy Find.  I have spent the last hour reading her blogs and thinking about all the fun colorful projects I can make if I have a yummy sewing machine.  Oh yes!  I think my inner crafter is winning!  I’m already picturing a crafty blog I can create, taking pictures of my colorful creations, my crafty store, my bundles of glee and happiness….ahhh!  It’s so wonderful.  I feel like I’m having a personal springtime, and it feels Oh So Good!

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