My Nursing Journey: Getting Ready for Orientation

My Nursing Journey: Getting ready for orientation

Tomorrow is my orientation for nursing school, and I’m so excited! I have been working toward this for a long time. I worked so hard during my prerequisite classes and my entrance exam, and I am so grateful to be here in this moment. I am thrilled to have this opportunity. I know it will challenge me in amazing ways, and I feel ready.

Once I got into nursing school, I had a list of other tasks to complete before orientation. I had to get my immunizations updated and titers checked. Titers are blood draws that show how much immunity your body has to certain diseases. Based on my titer result, I needed to get vaccinated against chickenpox. I had the first of two shots a few days ago, and the second shot is in 4 weeks. I also had a tetanus/diphtheria shot, flu shot, and a TB test. I had 4 needle sticks in one day, which was not fun, but I’m happy to have it over with.

Shots for nursing School

I also had to get fingerprints taken and an FBI background check. These go on file with the Board of Nursing to show that I am eligible to sit for the NCLEX exam at the end of my schooling, which is the exam to get your nursing license. If you don’t qualify to be a nurse based on a background check or drug screen, you can’t sit for the exam, and they won’t let you take nursing classes. My drug screen and another type of background check are going to be sometime within the first month of school.

Tomorrow at the orientation, I will sign up for my first semester of classes and learn more about the program. We will be broken into groups of 8, and that will be our group for clinicals. Clinicals are when we go to the hospitals and start taking care of patients. I believe those start after 6 weeks in the program.

When I was in middle school, my mom went through nursing school. She aced her classes and made the highest score on her NCLEX in the state of Texas. She is such an inspiration to me. I remember seeing her huge stack of books on the floor, her 5 inch binders of notes and sample test questions, and her posters around the house with anatomical drawings and notes. She was a single mom and worked full-time, so she had to make use of every second of study time. I remember even the bathroom door had notes about the stages of childbirth. In addition to being an amazing nurse, she is also a great teacher. It will be so fun to talk through what I’m learning with her and get her tips along the way.

One thing that has stood out to me is that you never know the journey your life will take. I feel like going to nursing school came out of nowhere. Eight years ago I was accepted to a different nursing school, but it didn’t feel right. I went to orientation, and I couldn’t see myself in the lab. I just knew that wasn’t the path for me. I went on to study hypnotherapy and start my work as a medium and spiritual teacher. I never thought that I would be interested in doing nursing again, but here I am! I’m so excited!

I truly feel that we all have so much greatness inside of us, and we are capable of so much more than we can imagine. The best thing is to get out of your own way and allow yourself to be YOU. Even if it feels weird or like a different path, even if you weren’t thinking you’d want to do what you want to do…just go with it. Trust yourself.

I keep learning not to put myself into a box of “this is who I am” or “this is what I do.” I am infinitely capable, and so are you. This world is full of possibilities and opportunities for us to take advantage of, and who knows where we will feel led next?

I keep getting the message from my Spirit Guides that this path of nursing is not a separate path from my mediumship. It is a continuation of my skills as a healer. I am already in the work of healing. I help people heal emotionally, I help people heal their belief in themselves, I help people heal from the loss of their loved one…I am in the business of love and spiritual healing, and I know my mediumship and nursing will work hand-in-hand to help me be of service to so many more people.

I am so grateful.

Over the years, many people have mentioned how much they love hearing my personal stories, so that’s my plan for my blog while I’m going through school. I want to share what I’m going through in school and how my Spirit Guides are helping me in different ways throughout the journey.

I will also continue offering readings. My work as a medium is sacred to me, and I have been able to help thousands of people around the world. I love this work, and I will continue to offer readings. However, I will not be continuing with my Hear it From Spirit calls in the new year. I will leave the recordings of previous calls on my website so you can listen to the messages and meditations and be inspired by them.

Thank you for your love and support as I embark on this path, and I look forward to sharing my experiences with you!

Sending you love!


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