Need Clarity? Spirit Guides Say “Forgettaboutit”

Hi Friends!

I recently received a message about another great way to get information from our intuition, Higher Self, and Spirit Guides.

The Technique

Think of something you love to do. It could be anything – painting, drawing, gardening, laundry (hey, it could happen), walking, biking – something that you can get absorbed in, express your creativity, and something that brings you joy. Before you begin that activity, ask your Guides about an area of your life you would like insight on. You can do this out loud or write it down in a Spirit Guide Letter. I prefer to write it down just so I know for sure later what I asked about.

Then, put your care aside, know that you asked for insight, and forget about it. That reminds me of a funny scene from the movie Mickey Blue Eyes. If you haven’t seen the movie, Hugh Grant’s character wants to marry a woman whose family turns out to be in the mob. In this scene, her father is trying to teach him some phrases to help him fit in.

Okay, so you’ve asked your question and set it aside. Do your creative activity and become totally focused on it. At the end of your activity, look back over your question. Notice if you feel a peace or understanding about it that you didn’t have before. You may get a flash of insight while doing your project or you may have more clarity and a subtle knowing of new information. Write down your thoughts, feelings, and insight about it. Most likely you will have some additional clarity that you didn’t have before. By completely focusing on your creative activity, you get in touch with your subconscious mind and allow messages in from your Higher Self and Spirit Guides. Thank your Guides for their insight and thank yourself for taking the time to listen and express your creativity.

So that’s the technique, but does it work?

I’m not one to blindly give you a technique to use and not try it out myself, even if it was inspired by my Spirit Guides. So, knowing I wanted to post this article today, I asked my questions and went to work in the garden. Here’s proof:

Melanie Jade Rummel in the Garden

I asked my Guides two questions that have been so important to me lately. I ask them every week, but I keep asking because each time I get more clarity. I feel deep deep deep longing for our own home. We’ve been traveling and looking to find the perfect location, following our intuition, but things just haven’t aligned perfectly yet. Last time I asked my Guides about it they said, “It’s not time yet,” and gave me the feeling that there was an important reason why we were in Florida right now. Today I asked when we would get our home and where it would be. Then, I let it go and started working in the garden. When I was finished I thought back over my questions and at first thought I didn’t have any additional insight. Then I heard a little question in my head, “Are you sure?” It was telling me I shouldn’t discount my experience so quickly. So, I sat down at my computer and looked over my questions. To my surprise, I realized I did have additional clarity. I was able to instantly rule out a destination Mark and I have been pondering for several months. I just knew we weren’t going to live there. I also had a clearer idea of where we would most likely move and when.

We shall see!

So give this one a shot and let me know how it goes. I think you may be surprised how much new insight you have into your questions.

Lots of love,

Melanie Jade 🙂


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