New Career Exploration

Maybe you’re not thrilled with your current career, but you don’t know what to do instead.  Let’s start letting the creative, inspirational juices flow until you come up with a few ideas.

There is a part of you that knows what the next step is.  However, there’s another part that listens to the “logical” voice of the world and squashes the creative voice of your Spirit.

The point of this exercise is to set aside the worldly voice (I’ll call it your conscious mind) and let your Spirit voice be heard. When you’re ready, get cozy, grab a notebook or your laptop, and set aside time to listen to your Spirit.

Before You Begin

Close your eyes and take several slow, deep breaths.  As you do this, think of things that bring you joy and laughter, and let those feelings fill your body.  It could be your favorite ice cream, singing in the park, spending time with your children or grandchildren…whatever brings you joy.  As you do the following exercises, maintain this feeling of joy and happiness.  If at any point you recognize that these feelings are waning, close your eyes again until you feel filled with joy again.  This is a fun game to get you in touch with your Spirit.

Initial Questions

Before you read and answer the following questions, make a pact with yourself to write down whatever immediately pops into your mind.

What would you do if you could do absolutely anything and you knew you would be successful? Give yourself several minutes, and write down anything that comes to mind.

What would bring you so much joy that your work would feel like play? Consider the things you already do in your free time. Think about what you could spend hours doing and not even realize the time has passed. Write down anything that comes to mind.

If You Don’t Think of Anything

Believe me, your answer is in there.  Put on some music you love and start dancing around.  Move your entire body.  This will free your Spirit and unleash your creative side.  If you feel like this is too stupid for you to do, congratulations!  That’s the voice of your conscious mind!  We’ve caught it in the act!  Dance even longer until you’re laughing and having fun.  Then sing to yourself, “If I could do anything, I would…”  Laugh, sing, and dance.

When you feel alive and vivacious and have come up with something you would enjoy doing, writing it down.  It doesn’t matter what it is or how crazy it sounds.  Imagine the first person who decided to have a career as a living statue.  “Hey Mom, I’m going to put silver paint all over myself and stand still for hours at a time like a statue.”  What response do you think that person received?  I’m guessing his or her parents were not thrilled and probably began a lecture about getting an education, the economy, or goal-setting.  Now, living statues are pretty popular and bring joy to people every day.  The point is, just let your creative juices flow, and write down anything that comes into your mind that sounds like fun.

Conscious Mind Interference

At this point, if you’ve started hearing that part of you say, “Yeah, but what about money?  Yeah, but I can’t move across the world.  Yeah, but….yeah, but….blah blah blah,” just tell it to step aside for a moment.  Thank that part of you for wanting to keep you safe and comfortable.  Tell it you’re just playing a game right now and to just let you have your fun.  Then, ask yourself again, if you could do absolutely anything and be successful, what would you want to do?  Write down everything that comes into your mind.

Check In

By now, you probably have at least a few things written down.  How do those ideas feel to you?  Do they feel uncomfortable?  Exciting?  Energizing?  Scary?  If you feel safe and secure, dream bigger.  The conscious, worldly mind likes safe and secure.  The Spirit wants to move and soar.  Dream bigger and ask yourself again, “If I could do anything in the world, what would I do?”

One of Many

There are many careers you can do that will be fun and enjoyable.  You may decide in this moment that being an ice cream truck driver makes you happy, so you do that.  Then next week, you may decide to be a lawyer.

Sometimes we can block our inspiration by feeling that we have to choose one career that we keep for the rest of our lives.  That’s not the case.  As with every journey in life, you just have to figure out the next step.  What next step will bring you joy?

One Step at a Time

Another thing that can block us is thinking too far ahead.  Maybe right now you are feeling that moving to Italy and making mozzarella cheese would make you happy, but then you think about the home you have where you are now or the family you don’t want to be away from, and you squash your dream.  Just because you want to move to Italy doesn’t mean that you’re there forever.  Maybe you go for a few months.

You don’t have to worry about all the steps and how everything will work out because, frankly, you can’t imagine how it will work out.

Maybe the next step for you is going to a job fair or looking online to see the different kinds of jobs that are available.  Maybe your next step is signing up for circus school.  Maybe it’s writing one article or starting your own blog.  You don’t need to know the entire journey, just take the next step.

Release how it will happen

How something will happen is not your job to figure out.  Give that job to the Universe.  It’s like telling someone what you want and then saying, “I don’t care how you do it, just make it happen!”

Sometimes I laugh with my guides.  It’s like a game.  I come up with a fun idea and toss it to them.  “Have fun figuring this one out!”  Thank goodness we don’t have to figure it out. Every time you start worrying about how or thinking of impossibilities, just say, “I’m going to let the Universe figure out the details.”

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