New Home Happy!

Hi Friends!

The week before we moved into our apartment, I was doing my Meet Spirit Guides hypnosis track, and I asked my Spirit Guides for reassurance about us moving into our new home. I had some worries creep up, and I needed to know everything was going to be okay. At the very end of my talk with them, I saw another Guide and asked what her name was. I heard, Emmaline. When I heard her name, I felt waves of peace flowing through me. I thought it was such a beautiful name, and I repeated it over and over. When I told Mark about Emmaline, he looked up the meaning of the name. Emmaline means “peaceful home.” Isn’t that so cool? I had tears of relief and joy when I heard this. I am always amazed at the love and help of Spirit Guides.

Mark and I have decided to name the spirit of our home Emmaline. Yesterday was our first full day in our new home, and I’m happy to report that it is living up to its name. It feels so quiet and peaceful here. I love it! We’ve unpacked many of our boxes already, and I can finally get dressed without taking 10 minutes to find a pair of matching shoes 🙂

Our apartment backs up to a huge park and trail system, and we took our first walk on the trail yesterday. The path is beside a beautiful creek lined with trees. Here’s the view from one of the bridges:

We saw 2 baby opossums walking along the tree branches! We also stopped to watch a turtle and lots of fish swimming in the stream. I love our new home!

Mark and I were examining a purple box hanging from the trees that is part of the Emerald Ash Borer survey, when I turned around and spotted this startling tree. Can you see its face?

Kind of squishy-squnchie, right? It reminded me of a person’s face whose skin has been burned in a fire. It tells a story of pain and survival. Strength. I think it’s beautiful 🙂 I was thinking about a girl from my high school this week. I never met her – she was a few years older, but most of her face had been burned in a fire. Still I thought she was so beautiful – pretty blonde, curly hair, sweet eyes…I was fascinated by the way she looked. I know many of us go through periods of feeling not pretty enough in high school (I certainly felt that way at times), but I can’t imagine what she must have gone through coming to terms with the way she looks. I hope she knew she was pretty.

There was another tree that stood out to me on our walk. Its bare branches looked almost purple in the evening light, and it had so much movement! I mean, it wasn’t literally moving, but the way the branches were shaped was like swirling swish-swish…maybe you had to be there 🙂 I thought of taking a video to show you, but then I thought, “Who wants to see a video of me saying, ‘See the swish-swish shape of this tree? Isn’t it cool?!'” So now I’m writing it instead. Look at this cool, swish-swish tree! 🙂

So that was our first walk by our new home! Now, I’m sitting on my patio with my still-just-dirt seedlings, a little gnome, and a beautiful red geranium plant my in-laws gave us as a housewarming gift. Yesterday, a bluejay came to see us on our balcony. He made his entrance with a flourish to make sure we saw him. Maybe next time he’ll come when I have my camera ready.

Sending you love from my new home and new world headquarters of (I love the sound of that – world headquarters! It sounds like a big booming voice should be announcing it!)

Many blessings to you!

Melanie Jade 🙂

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  • Five Seed

    Holy cow! That’s Texas?! We drove through TX when I was a teen, starting from our home in Albuquerque and heading to someplace in Arkansas I can’t remember. We stopped in Amarillo for steaks. Everything I saw there was beautiful, but it was all huge, expansive prairie-type landscape. I guess I should’ve known there’d be so much more to it, being as big as it is. NM is like that, too – you know how everyone assumes the whole place is a big, flat desert, but it’s got so many beautiful mountains and forests, too. 

    So happy you are settling in!!

    • Melanie Jade Rummel

      Yep, that’s Texas 🙂 Texas is so huge…not all of it is a wasteland. 🙂 There’s actually a lot of hill country in Texas, as well as large canyons, desert, trees… I’ve never been to Amarillo, but it *sounds* like armadillo, and armadillos have hard, flat skin/shell, so I imagine Amarillo is like that too…That’s early morning logic speaking ;-D Pahhahaha

  • Sonia

    Hi Melanie.  I receive your newsletter via e-mail.  The one I received today regarding trusting and facing your fears came at the perfect time for me.  Not a half hour before receiving your newsletter I was in meditation and focusing on worrying about the unknowns in my future.  My life has taken some huge turns lately.  One of the turns being the worst possible thing I could have imagined happening.  So while thinking that the worst has happened to me, of course my mind starts going to worse things that could happen.  Then I start to focus on bad things happening.  I did manage to break out of that thought process, but then your newsletter came along and just reinforced my thoughts on letting things be.  

    Thank you for the divine timing…


    • Melanie Jade Rummel

      Hi Sonia! Thank you so much for letting me know my newsletter story resonated with you. I LOVE Divine Timing. It’s so magical 🙂 I am sending you love and blessings on this new turn in your life! – Melanie Jade 🙂