Embracing New Growth

Hi Friends!

On a recent walk, I was captivated by the colorful berries on the trees. I love berries! Little seeds to grow even more beautiful trees. They make me think of potential, new growth, and amazing new experiences right around the corner.

We are always growing and changing. Our Spirits are always ready to explore new avenues in life. What new avenues are you wanting to explore?

I think most of the time we naturally move in the direction our Spirit is telling us to go. But sometimes when it requires stepping out of our comfort zone – getting a new career, moving, opening our hearts to a new relationship – we may hesitate or steadfastly refuse to budge. What if the trees refused to grow berries? “No thank you. No more growth for me. I’m comfortable.”

But even when change doesn’t feel comfortable at first, it always ends up leading us to even more joy.

We are always preparing ourselves for new growth, just like the trees with their colorful berries. There are so many beautiful experiences to be had in life. I’m ready to embrace them. How about you?

Grow forth and prosper!

Melanie Jade 🙂

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