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I just mailed this month’s newsletter.  I’m especially thrilled with this one because it only took 30 minutes, instead of 3 hours!!!  Why?  Well, I didn’t spend forever adding links to every article I’ve written this month, along with coordinating pictures.  In it, I announce a big website update – much more journal style articles like a blog on the homepage.  This will happen as soon as my tech support (Mark) gets a moment free from creating our newest (and so exciting) website,  We’ve decided to not buy any new plastic for an entire year.  In the meantime, we’re learning about plastic, going on discovery trips and interviewing experts, and changing how we live.  We’ve made some cool changes already.

I knew something big was happening last week because I felt angels all around me.  I usually don’t feel angels.  If you’ve been reading articles on the blog, I often refer to my Spirit Guides, but not angels.  I literally felt loving beings of light behind and beside me.  Have you ever been sitting or standing so close to someone that you were almost touching, but not quite?  You know how you can feel them at the tips of the hair on your arms?  That’s what I felt for several days.  I feel that when I’m meditating sometimes, but usually not constantly for several days.  It was really incredible.  I also had a “random” conversation with a man in a store who I felt was delivering a message from an angel to me.  Have you ever had that happen?  There have been so many times when someone has spoken to me and told me exactly what I need to know right then, and I can feel as they are talking that they are relaying a message from my Spirit Guides.  Based on all these signs, I knew something big was coming.  We had some news during those days that could be worrisome in normal circumstances, but I knew that everything was working out perfectly.  Even as my logical mind was freaking out, my Spirit was calm.  One of the insights we got after those few days was to launch  Everything came together very smoothly and without brainstorming.  The ideas floated into our minds.  One thing led to another, and four days later we had a website, several articles, and a dedication to a year with no plastic.

To some, it may not seem logical that this website ( could focus on psychic abilities, meditation, manifesting a great life, and an eco-friendly lifestyle.  For me, they are all tied together.  I believe everything is one energy.  If we are tapped into our own energy and the energy of the spiritual realm, we are also tapped into the energy of the earth.  The past several years, as I have become even more in touch with my energy and the energy around me, I’ve felt a deep connection to other life forms and the environment.  I feel that the earth is a living energy, and when it’s not treated well, I feel just as if I am not being treated well or someone I love is not being treated well.  When I do things that I know are bad for the environment, I feel like I’m treating myself badly.  To me, putting trash in a landfill, for example, is just like putting a layer of trash under my own skin.  I’m a living energy, and so is the earth.  Plastics have bugged me and confused me for a while now.  I know a lot about them, but there is so much contrary information circulating, which I believe is sometimes intended to keep us in our same old routine of using plastic for everything.  Plastic has many positive uses, but it also lasts forever.  I believe we should treat it like a product that lasts forever, and use it wisely or not at all.  That’s why I’m so excited about doing this project.  I hope you pay a visit to our new blog, and I look forward to hearing your ideas and the ways you are living more eco-friendly as well!



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