Nocturnal Phases

Hi Friends!

Do you ever go through nocturnal phases? Phases when, no matter how much you want to, you cannot go to sleep at night, and instead, you sleep all morning? That’s what I’ve been doing the past couple of nights. I should have known it was coming (my nocturnal phase). I had signs.

Photo by Rob Howard

Last week, Mark and I were enjoying a nice long walk when we heard an owl hooting in a nearby tree. It was the daytime, so what in the world was it doing up? We followed the hooting until we were standing just under the tree it was perched in (but not directly under the branch…that’s just not smart!).  It stopped hooting, and we saw its head swivel and its eyes look down at us. It was so cool!!!! I sent it love as I admired it on the branch. It was a pretty brown owl, called a Barred Owl (which I learned from reading The Owl Pages). It’s also commonly known as a Hoot Owl. I just read that they begin their “courtship activities” in February, so we might have interrupted his hoot-hooing to get a lady friend. When he’s hooting, his whole body convulses. It’s quite a sight. Our little moment with the owl has been in my mind all week, which is another clue that it had symbolic significance in my life.

The last time hearing the owls really stood out to me, I began a nocturnal phase as well, so I should have realized Mr. Hoot-hooer was a sign. The past several nights, no matter how tired I’ve been when I turn out the light, I cannot go to sleep. I become wide awake, and I’ve had wonderful revelations. Each morning, I’ve taken notes on what I learned the night before.

Two nights ago, I opened my eyes, wide awake in the middle of the night, and saw the outline of a huge bat on the wall in front of our bed. I wasn’t scared. I knew it was just another sign that this is a nocturnal phase for me. Now I think it might have been a sign that my nocturnal phase was at an end, because last night I slept SO delightfully well.

Do you go through these phases, too?

Much love and sweet dreams to you!

Melanie Jade 🙂

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