My Nursing Journey: Spring Break!

It’s Spring Break!!! I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to spring break more than during nursing school. I am loving every minute of school and everything I’m learning, but it is 24/7. Even my dreams are about things I’ve learned in nursing school!

I have about 5 years of college under my belt, but this is definitely the most intense. The tests cover at least 7 chapters packed with detailed information, and my last pharmacology test covered 16 chapters! My mom (a nurse) told me that nursing school would challenge every part of who I am, and it definitely does. Luckily, I feel the importance of what I’m learning, I want to be the best, and I’m making A’s in my classes!

A few weeks ago when I was studying for my first pharmacology test (the 16 chapter one), I had moments when I felt like there was no way I could learn it all before the test. In those moments, I would have a vision of a shorter, slender woman with light brown hair standing behind me in a classic nurse uniform. I felt a sense of calm from her, reminding me to just focus on one thing at a time.

When I described this woman to my mom, she said that was her “Gran”, Nora. Before she died, she was a midwife in England. I could feel that she was very good at her job and very focused. She helped me feel calm, focused, and reminded me that I can do this. It felt good to remember that I am not alone and that I have very qualified help on the other side.

No matter what you’re doing in your life or what goals you have, you have help. We all have times when we feel alone, overwhelmed, or like we have to solve everything on our own, but that’s never really the case. Whether it’s a vision or dream of someone helping you, or you get a sense of love or reassurance that you feel within, you are being helped.

As I’ve been sharing about my nursing journey, I’ve been getting emails from my clients about the adventures they are taking in their lives, and it is so inspiring. I believe life is meant to be explored, and if you have the strong desire to try a different direction, it means you can do it. I certainly never expected to be going to nursing school, but here I am, and I am loving it! You just never know what you are capable of or where you will feel led to go next.

I send you love and encouragement on your journey! Remember that you are helped along the way, and keep going!



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