Signs from the Other Side

Communicate with your loved ones on the other side!

If you’ve lost a loved one, I want you to know that you can still connect with them. In this online course, I make it easy for you to start recognizing the signs and messages from your loved ones, even if you’ve never done it before.

You’ll also learn how to initiate communication and how to tell the difference between genuine communication and your imagination. I share guidance about healing from grief, being patient with yourself, and I walk you through releasing any sense of guilt you might feel related to your loved one’s passing.

Instant Access
Go at your own pace! You have instant access for the lifetime of the course to all course content.

7 Easy-to-Follow Sections
Sections include Your Loved One is Okay, The Grieving Process, Releasing Guilt, Signs from Spirit, Reaching Out to Them, and FAQs. I share messages and stories from my readings, from my clients, and from my mom’s experience as a hospice nurse.

Guided Meditations
Follow along with me for the two guided meditations included in this course! You’ll enjoy a meditation to release guilt and help you heal from your loss, and a meditation to see and communicate with your loved ones in spirit. With my experience as a clinical hypnotherapist, I make it easy for you to relax and have a meaningful experience.

High-Quality Videos
You’ll enjoy over an hour of video content while I share guidance, teach the concepts of this course, and share inspirational stories. All videos are closed-captioned.

Upon purchase, you will receive a PDF document with the link and password to enter the course.

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Update 2023:

I have paused my readings and online courses to focus on my family. To learn when readings and courses are available again, please sign up for my newsletter.