Our Eco-Wedding: Introduction

Mark and MelanieYea!!!  We’re planning an eco-wedding!!!!!  I’m so excited!!!!  Okay, catching my breath now.  Phew!  Mark and I are getting married, and after learning so much about eco-friendly living, we’ve decided to have an eco-friendly wedding.  I’ve decided to blog about the process on the website, so you’ll be able to follow along as we plan our eco-wedding, start to finish.  I think this will be really helpful for anyone else who wants to plan and eco-wedding because there isn’t a lot of focus on this topic.  Most people think living (and partying) in an eco-friendly way means forgoing luxury and elegance.  We’re going to plan a fun, elegant, colorful, meaningful wedding celebration that’s wonderful for us, our family, and our planet.

Several months ago I picked out a dress, invitations, location, and favors.  All those ideas are out the window now with our new eco-friendly plan.  We are broadening our horizons and searching with a new eco-friendly lens.

I hope you enjoy this adventure as much as we will.


Melanie (and Mark)

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