Our Home: Front Entrance Makeover

Hi Friends!

We have a new next-door neighbor, and I really like her. She just moved from Georgia and seems lovely. Now, I don’t want to badmouth our previous neighbors, but let’s just say she is a pleasant upgrade.

With a new neighbor and all the construction on our apartment community finally being finished, I decided it was time to spruce up the front entrance of our home.

You know I am the queen of bright colors, expressing your Spirit, and not settling for less than you desire, but it IS a process, and our front entrance has been sadly neglected since we moved in two years ago. (Two years, Melanie?! Yes, I know, I know…) Here’s the before pic:

Front Door Before

We have had the same dull, boring mat since we moved in, which was a reject from the previous tenants. Everytime we opened the front door, I’d look at the mat and immediately think about how yucky it was. That is definitely not the attitude I want when I enter my home.

Mark and I have been looking for a different mat for ages, something colorful and bright, and we finally found one we like!!! Also, I’ve been picturing a planter with an evergreen tree and flowers next to our door, and I was able to find exactly what I wanted to make that vision a reality. I know I shouldn’t have been surprised (this is an incredible Universe capable of great miracles, after all), but I was. It was a hot, sunny day, Mark and I were hungry, and I did have my doubts that we would be able to find everything we needed to create a beautiful entrance without spending all day shopping.

Are you ready to see our beautiful new entrance? Be forewarned, I expect oohs and ahhs from you and some insisting that I actually pulled this photo from Better Homes & Gardens magazine. I did not, though! It’s really the front of our beautiful, colorful apartment!!!!

Front Door After

Wowza, right? One of my friends gave it the “gay stamp of approval.” LOL. I think that’s the highest honor in home decorating 🙂

The front entrance of a home gives an immediate feeling of being welcomed or needing to back away slowly. Symbolically, I also think of it as the way opportunities, blessings, and wonderful people are welcomed into my life. That’s why I think it’s so important to put love into creating a welcoming entrance to your home. (It’s easier to say that now that mine doesn’t look like crap-o-la.)

Are you inspired to spiff up your front entrance now? If there is any room for improvement, sometimes little touches can make a big difference, like repainting your door, sweeping the walk, cleaning the light fixture, or putting a beautiful plant by the door. Also, if you use a different entrance to your home other than the front door, I encourage you to make it beautiful and welcoming for your enjoyment as well.

While you’re adding those extra touches of beauty, imagine whatever you want in your life right now being warmly welcomed and coming easily to you. Your thoughts and expectations create tangible results.

I’d love to hear your stories! What one action can you take to make the front entrance of your home extra-welcoming?

Lots of love to you!

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