A Glimpse Into Our Happy Home

Hi Friends!

I want to share another happy painting project with you today. My Spirit loves to paint. If I haven’t painted something for a few days, I’ll start hearing songs in my head about painting, and that works as a nudge from my Spirit to pick up my bright colors and paintbrushes again. The story of this wall is that it was supposed to be a coral color, but it came out more pink than we intended. It’s actually a very soft, calming color, but still we decided that we didn’t want two prominent walls in our home to be pink, so I started painting designs over it.

Because of the amount of detail, it’s a slow process. For me, it’s very meditative. As I painted last night, I worked through several things that had been on my mind and received insight from my Spirit.

Also, the colors are uplifting, so I felt rejuvenated after my paint time, even though it was late in the evening by the time I finished. We had music playing, Mark and I were singing, and Cosmo was running around enjoying herself too. The three of us have made such a nice little home together. It’s very peaceful here, just like my Guides said it would be. Each week we have friends and family over for dinner and game nights, so our home is filled with great people and lots of laughter and fun as well.

Sending you love from our peaceful, happy home to yours!

Melanie Jade 🙂

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