Out-Of-Body Experiences: Resources & How-To

Hi Friends!

Yesterday on Facebook I posted a link to 3 videos about out-of-body experiences, by Jergen Ziewe (the link goes to part 1, and I watched all 3 parts). Jergen kept a detailed record of his OBEs and includes the details in his new book, Multi-Dimensional Man. I have had several OBEs in the past, some intentional and some not, but I haven’t consistently tried to have them or studied them. When I was in high school, I meditated as I fell asleep with the intention of having OBEs, but when I would suddenly be aware of myself zooming out of my bedroom, it freaked me out and I stopped. At other times throughout the years, I’ve been aware of myself coming out of my body as I fall asleep, but it happens more slowly and gradually, which feels better to me. I also read in John Edward‘s book, One Last Time, that he used to have OBEs all the time and enjoyed them. (John Edward is a psychic medium). After watching Jergen’s videos and remembering what I read in John Edward’s book, I decided to give it a go last night.

Here’s my technique:

  • First, I ask my Guides to let me know that they are with me and protecting me at all times, just to allay any fears I may have about going into unknown territory. I picture myself surrounded by white light and love.
  • Then, I start focusing on noticing details about where I am, the room I’m in, how my body feels on the mattress, etc. Next, I focus on the feeling of the energy flowing in my body.
  • Finally, I start focusing on just noticing the feeling of the energy in my feet. Once I can feel it, I focus on my ankles, then my legs, moving up my body. At some point while doing this, I come out of my body. When I was in high school, I could feel the energy in my body vibrating very strongly (hey, no kinky jokes), and then I’d feel myself slowly lifting out of my body.

So what happened last night?

Well, I remember focusing on feeling the energy in my feet. The next thing I remember is feeling like a ball of energy, about 1 1/2 feet in diameter, zooming quickly up, down, and around in the hallway. I remember thinking, “Wow! I’m doing it!” I was also aware of feeling the presence of my Spirit Guide near me, and I felt safe. Then, I was back in bed, awake.

What’s Next?

I created a journal on my computer to keep track of my experiences. There are many benefits to OBEs, as Jergen mentions in his videos. For him, some of those benefits include demystifying and allaying fears about death, discovering new ways of thinking to solve problems, deepening meditation, and learning more about ourselves and our multi-dimensional world. For me, I expect it will deepen my relationship with my Spirit Guides, enhance my psychic abilities and awareness of energy, and help me understand more about glimpses I’ve had into other dimensions of existence.

What about you? Have you had OBEs? Are you going to start your own exploration? Do you know of any other great resources regarding OBEs?

Happy traveling!

Melanie Jade 🙂

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