Overcoming Fear of Negative Spirit Contact

Dear Melanie Jade,

I really want to talk to my Spirit Guides, but I’m afraid of also connecting with negative spirits. I’ve read that this is possible, so I’m scared to even try connecting with my Spirit Guides. How do you make sure you only connect with loving, positive spirits?

This is a question I get often, and it’s something I was concerned about as well when I started communicating with my Guides. We see so many shows on TV about ghosts, poltergeists, and other scary spirit contact. Plus, there’s the natural fear of the unknown to deal with. However, communicating with your Spirit Guides is one of the most amazing feelings. Imagine being surrounded by and getting insight from your best friends who are always loving and can help you see beyond the confusion that we experience sometimes in our lives. It’s amazing. When you connect with Spirit Guides, you are connecting with the ultimate energy of love and peace, and it is an incredible feeling.

So how do you make sure you’re connecting with the best of the best?

The biggest factor is your intention. When you focus on attracting the highest positive energies to yourself that is what you will get. It’s kind of like going into a department store and heading straight for the shoes. You’re not going to find jewelry in the shoe section, right? In the same way, if you energetically beeline for the highest levels of positive energy, your Angels and Spirit Guides, that’s all you’re going to connect with.


One thing that might feel good to you is to say a prayer before you connect with them. You can say any kind of prayer that feels good to you. If I am asking for messages from Spirit Guides for a client of mine, I always say the prayer of St. Francis.

You can also perform any kind of religious or spiritual ritual that feels good to you. For example, when I am doing readings or having my tea time with spirit, I always light a candle. To me, it represents the bright light of my Spirit Guides and my Higher Self, and I also imagine that the flame purifies the energy around me. You might also consider imagining a white light or a shield surrounding you that only allows the highest positive energy to be near you.

If you are meditating to see them, you can create a “psychic room” in your mind with a door. When a spirit wants to communicate with you, you can look out a window to decide whether you want to open the door to communicate with that spirit or not.

Remembering who’s in control

You are in control. Just as you control who visits you at your home, you can control who visits you in the spirit world. You only invite certain people into your home, and those are the only people who come. When you want them to leave, you ask them to leave and they do. The same rules apply for spirits. If a spirit shows up that you don’t want to talk to, just say goodbye to them. You can also just stop your spirit communication and do something else. Later, when you are feeling in a positive place, you can try again.

Hooked on a feeling

You know if you’ve connected with your Spirit Guides by your feelings and the messages you receive. The messages from Spirit Guides are loving, peaceful, and feel good. They are always kind and never judgmental. After you communicate with them, you may feel lighter, more connected to your Spirit, and more at peace.

I hope this helps you overcome your fears and feel more comfortable communicating with your Guides.

Lots of love to you,

Melanie Jade 🙂

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