Peaceful Acceptance of Your Body

Peaceful Acceptance of Your Body

Most of us have something about our body we’d like to change. We might want to be slimmer, fitter, to heal from an illness or injury, to be taller or shorter…you get the idea.

This past year has been a study in patience and acceptance of my body as I’ve been recovering from a back injury. I’ve had to learn to let go of frustration and just accept how my body is and what it is capable of in this moment. Today I’m sharing some of my journey with you as I take you on a hike to a rock formation called La Bufa in Guanajuato, Mexico.

I find it easier achieve that place of acceptance when I stop comparing what my body can do now to what I was able to do in the past. I have to stop thinking of what I “should” be able to do or what other people can do and just love my body in this moment. Instead of focusing on all the ways it falls short of my expectations, I have to remember that it is trying so hard to heal. I have to become my body’s cheerleader.

The other thing you can do to practice peaceful acceptance of your body is to stop comparing your body to someone else’s. After months of not running or working out, I lost a lot of muscle tone. I am still working to build more muscle to support my healing back, but I’ve learned that it is pointless to compare myself to people who are more fit or muscular and find myself lacking. What a ridiculous waste of time and energy. All I can do, and all we can all do, is love where we are in the moment.

Hike to La Bufa

Our bodies are always evolving. You might have days when you feel energetic, and days when you want to rest. You may eat a salad today and giant piece of chocolate cake tomorrow. You may have a youthful face now and a wrinkled face when you’re 110 years old.

Who the heck cares?

All that matters is that you live with the most joy you can every day, and I’ve learned that if I’m not loving and accepting of my body, then I’m not living with joy. It’s just a choice to say, “This is where I am, and it’s okay.” Stop fighting where you are, and instead love the miracle that is your body in each moment.

I hope you notice today how your body is helping you in every moment to achieve the life of your dreams. Your body is such a faithful friend, and I hope this article helps inspire you to feel more accepting and loving of your wonderful body.

Sending lots of love your way,


Tidbits from this week:

This week I had so much fun reading the emails from people who have started my new online course, Meet Spirit Guides. I remember when I was first learning to connect with my Guides (which I talk about in the course videos), and it brings me a lot of joy to help other people have an easier experience than I did! LOL

Mark wasn’t feeling well for several days this week. I think we traced it back to either a salad in a restaurant or a fruit popsicle. We spent the week eating bland food together and working from home until he started feeling better. Even though we didn’t explore as much this week, we had such a good time just being home together. All of the movement of the past several weeks caught up to me, and my spirit enjoyed the rest.

It’s noisy in Mexico pretty much every hour of the day, and the tile floors make it difficult to find a quiet place to record audio for my videos or meditations. To create the audio for this week’s video, I crawled into our wood wardrobe, clothes hanging in my face and knees up to my chin. I held my phone (recorder) in one hand and my laptop in the other. If I could have contorted to take a picture, I would have. I thought, “I bet people imagine that I live this luxurious, peaceful life, and here I am curled up in my wardrobe trying to record a video.” LOL!

It’s been storming every evening this week, which has been lovely! I take more time to enjoy the weather and watch the changing sky in Mexico than I ever have in my life. I love it! When it’s storming, we open the doors to our patio to let the cool breezes in, sit in our rocking chairs, light the candles, and enjoy the sound of the rain. The email readings I’ve done during these storms feel extra magical to me. I so love being able to do what I do!

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