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Loving messages from Spirit to help you
experience more peace, joy, and fulfillment.

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Insight from Spirit Guides

Receive insight and guidance about your career, relationships, and any other area of your life except for health concerns. Spirit Guides share loving messages that are full of compassion and wisdom. When you see your circumstances through their eyes, you will get clarity, feel more hopeful, and feel able to move forward with confidence. My readings are not focused on foretelling the future. Rather, I aim to help you get clarity and feel empowered to create the future you desire by sharing loving, insightful guidance. (Note: I no longer share messages from deceased loved ones.)

Meet Your Spirit Guides

You have a team of spiritual helpers assisting you throughout your life. This team includes Angels, spiritual teachers that are important to you, and loving Spirit Guides. During your reading, I will help you meet and receive messages from your loving spiritual team. You will also find out how to connect with them on a regular basis and how they are already sending you messages of love and hope.

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Phone readings are 30 minutes long and are recorded so you can listen to the loving guidance as often as you want. In your confirmation email, you will receive a list of local numbers for over 30 countries to reduce or eliminate long-distance charges.

When you order your reading, you will enter the days and times that are best for you. I will send a follow-up email with confirmation of your appointment time.

Payment is through PayPal, which accepts most major credit cards and other payment options. You do not need to have a PayPal account to use PayPal.

Phone Reading – 30 minutes – $150

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I offer a limited number of readings per month. If you click to order and it is sold out, you can contact me to get on the waitlist. Please specify which reading you would like in your email.