Sending Blessings – Messages of Joy Ep. 6

You can transform your life in
less than 10 minutes!

In this Message of Joy we’ll start with a short meditation to bring love and peace into your body. Then, a message from my Spirit Guides about our wonderful power to bless the people and circumstances in our lives. We’ll finish with an uplifting, affirmative prayer.

This Message of Joy will help you feel more peaceful and inspired!

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  • Coolprik

    Hi Melanie.. Just loved your blog.. I m from India… I did try to seek
    my spirit guides but my brain just doesn’t allow me to relax.. maybe I m
    scared, I don’t know… I m actually looking out for some answers
    regarding a man.. How does one know if a dream is precognitive? becoz I guess I had one.. Hope you can help me with this.. Thanks so much !!!

    • Melanie Jade Rummel

      Hi! Thank you for letting me know you love my blog! As for precognitive dreams, the best way I know of to learn if your dreams are precognitive or not is to journal about your dreams. Note which ones you felt could be precognitive and why. How did they feel, look, or seem different from regular dreams? Then make a note of whether or not they came true. This way you will be able to tell more easily which dreams really are precognitive.

      Another thing you can do is ask for more signs. Tell your Guides you think your dream might be precognitive and that you would like some more signs that will help you know whether it actually was or not. 

      I hope this helps!

      Melanie Jade 🙂

      • Coolprik

        Hi Melanie.. Thank u so much for replying…