Post-Election Thoughts

post-election thoughts

This morning I have been trying to return to a place of peace and love. I’m finding it to be a struggle. So much hate has been stirred up in this election. So much fear and bigotry. And I want to leave that energy behind me.

What I feel most is sadness. I feel sad that half the country thinks that the way Trump treats people is okay. Assaulting women and basing their worth on their breast size is not okay. Talking about minorities and people from a different religious background as if they’re trash is not okay. But some of my beloved family members and friends are Trump supporters (and many of my clients are too, whom I also love), so disrespecting them is also not okay.

So as the election turned his way, I started asking my Guides for help coming to terms with what was happening. How do I move forward? How do I feel my peace again? Those are the questions that I have been asking and praying about this morning.

What has come to me aren’t messages about the election, but about life. I feel like my Spirit Guides have been helping me to focus on love and gratitude for the goodness that I see all around me. That goodness doesn’t have anything to do with political leanings. It’s just pure, from the heart, goodness.

I thought of my family member who found out last night that his mother will probably pass within a day. I felt my love and gratitude for him and his family.

I thought of the reading I did last night for a client thousands of miles away. I helped her have hope as she is making a big transition in her life, and she inspired me with her courage. It takes guts to imagine a new path for yourself, and I feel grateful for meeting such a friendly, kind soul.

Today my husband went to work for Habitat for Humanity, helping families get into a new, safe home. I feel thankful for my amazing husband and his generosity and compassion.

My mother serves as an advocate for patients in health care facilities, making sure they are getting the quality of care they deserve. She has been a hero in my eyes, always setting the example of love and caring for others.

Emily is working on spreading joy, following her dreams, and finding love.

Yancy is sharing messages about self-love and treating your body with the care and gentleness it deserves.

Peg is working on sharing messages of health, wholeness, and healing.

Laura is on the journey of focusing on her joy and figuring out where that will lead her.

I surround myself with kind, loving, generous people, and I love them all. I know so many people who are bringing goodness to the world. Thoughts of those people gives me hope.

So many people are bringing goodness to the world. Thoughts of those people gives me hope. Click To Tweet

We all want joy, love, and peace. No matter which candidate you support, those three things are important to you.

So I think the way to move forward is to focus on those things. Joy, Love, and Peace. I am not going to spend the day reading facebook and news reports (they just encourage divisive thinking in me).

Today I am going to focus on the people I know who are making a positive difference in my life and the lives of others. I am going to focus on gratitude.

In an election cycle that has been overrun with feelings of fear and hate, today I am choosing to focus on love.

Sending you love,


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