Psychic Development Game With Cards

Go Fish CardsThis is a fun game to develop your psychic abilities and get instant confirmation.  First, get a pack of memory game cards or go fish cards from the children’s section of a store.  I chose an animal and alphabet themed deck by school zone.  The cards have a letter and brightly colored picture of an animal on them.  You can also make your own cards by cutting out pictures from magazines or getting them online and gluing the pictures on note cards.  At first, I thought children’s flash cards would work, but they are double-sided.  For this game, you need cards that have a neutral backing (the backs of all the cards have the same pattern).

  • Choose a card and place it to the side.
  • Meditate, clearing your mind, and then ask to see the image on the card.  You may see the image clearly, or you may get impressions.
  • You may see the image and know what it is right away.  If you don’t, ask  more questions.  For my animal cards, I asked questions like, “What does this animal eat?,” and, “How large is the animal?” As I’m learning and growing in my own psychic development, I’ve realized that questions are so important in every type of psychic work.  Whether it’s communicating with loved ones who are in spirit or doing a personal reading for someone, the questions I ask in my mind are key.
  • Draw and write any impressions that stand out to you, even if they seem vague.  You may be amazed at how accurate your drawings are.
  • When you check your results, find the similarities.  Always praise yourself and look for what you picked up on.  Give yourself credit.
  • As you do this exercise more often, pay attention to how the accurate information felt when you were receiving it.  Learn to distinguish between making things up and actually receiving impressions.
  • It’s just a game.  Have fun!


Use Uno cards and try to pick up on what color the card is.  You can also easily make your own color cards.

Have a friend place a photo in an envelope and see what impressions you get.  Who is in the photo?  What feelings are associated with it?  Are there people in the photo?  If so, are they living or dead?  What is their relationship?

Place a tarot card face down and do the same exercise.

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