Psychic Journal: Trip to Raleigh, North Carolina

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Almost every day in my correspondence with the wonderful people who visit my site (like you!) I suggest keeping a psychic journal. Psychic means “of the soul”, and a psychic journal is where you write down your messages, nudges, visions, and other experiences that come straight from your intuition and your connection with the spiritual realm.

I occasionally go for a time without writing in my journal, and this week, every time I’ve recommended keeping a journal to someone, my Guides have stood over my shoulder saying, “Ahem!” Translation: Listen to your own advice. I do LOVE keeping track of my daily experiences, and I super love reading back over them weeks or months later. It reminds me that I’m using my intuition in my daily life and that I’m being helped along my magical journey of life.

If you’re just starting your journal, you may wonder what kinds of things to put in it. So, I’ve decided to share my most recent journal entry with you from our trip to Raleigh, North Carolina:

Feb 3, 2012

Last week, Mark and I went to Raleigh to look around and see if it was a place we would want to live. We only stayed for 3 days, but it was a great trip. The first day, we looked at many different areas & apartments. I told Grandpa (who is in Spirit) that we were looking for a home and asked for his help. I also asked for a sign that he was still around and aware of what was going on in my life, because I hadn’t heard from him in a few weeks. It doesn’t sound like a long time now that I’m writing it, but it felt like a long time to me then 🙂

On the day we were planning to drive back to Florida, I felt a little despondent. I had high hopes for Raleigh, and yet I still didn’t have a sense that it was the place to call home. I started thinking about what made a place feel like home, and that led me to suggesting to Mark that we spend the day exploring Raleigh like we would if we actually lived there.

After breakfast, we went to Umstead State Park to go for a walk on the trails. While Mark was getting something from the car, I looked around at all the trees and asked in my mind, “Where are we going?” I wanted them to tell me where we were going to live, why it was taking so long to find a place that felt right, and to give me general guidance. As soon as I asked my question, I felt the words in my mind, Don’t worry about where you’re going. You’re here now. Instantly, instead of being in my head, the beautiful trees in front of me came into focus, the colors of the golden leaves shined like sunlight all around me, and I felt at peace. It was another great reminder to enjoy the present moment, live it fully, and when the time is right, we’ll know the next step.

After our walk, we went to downtown Raleigh to explore the museums (which are all free, by the way). We had lunch first, and while we were eating, Mark suggested we go the beach that evening. Well, you know I love the beach, so I looked online for an airbnb where we could stay. In the past, it’s taken several days to hear back from people on airbnb, but I decided to go for it anyway. I quickly found a place that looked good and wrote to them, giving our cell phone number so they could text us about their availability. Then, we went to the museum. About 20 mins later, we received a text saying that we could stay with them that night! That sounded great, but I was still unsure about going, so we decided to wait to book until we left the museum.

The town we were thinking about going to, Wilmington, was 2 hours away, and I didn’t want to drive all that way and be disappointed, so I asked my Guides for a sign as to whether we would enjoy Wilmington or not. Mark and I walked around downtown Raleigh while I waited for a sign or nudge from my intuition.  (The pic below is from the historic downtown area.)

Then, I saw a woman in a beautiful pink sweater putting money in the parking meter. I had a strong feeling that I should ask her about Wilmington, so I did. She said she LOVED Wilmington, and (would you believe it?) she GREW UP THERE! Thank you, intuition!!! Her name was Hannah, and she had such a beautiful energy. I just loved talking to her. As we turned to walk to our car, Mark and I laughed, thinking how great it is that we are guided and our questions are answered. Then, we looked up, and the street sign right in front of us read Wilmington. HA!

When we arrived in Wilmington and met our airbnb hosts, we were instant best friends! The four of us started talking, laughing, and sharing stories. Mark and I LOVED their house, and it was just the kind of house we would love to live in someday. And guess what else? One of our hosts was into metaphysics and spirituality as well and was studying shamanism. How cool! We had so much to talk to each other about. We decided to all go to dinner together, which was another several hours of laughing and being inspired by each other.

AND THEN guess what? Our host told me that when she saw us walking up to her house, she saw another man with us. She described him as in his 70s, tanned, with short hair. I knew it was my Grandpa. She said, “He had a grandfatherly feel,” and then I confirmed for her that it was he and told her about asking him to help us with our home search and let me know he was with me. I’m positive that he helped us find this particular airbnb so I could get confirmation that he was still near me. Awww…I’m getting teary just thinking about it.

The next morning, our host was telling us a story, and I said in my mind, I wonder if I can see her aura or any Spirits that may be around her. Then, I saw grass green light around and overlaying the image of her body. It was about 6-8 inches wide all around her head and torso as she was talking. It was wonderful to see 🙂 I can’t remember at the moment what she was talking about, but I know she was in a good mood. Oh! I think she was telling us about a dream she’d had. (When I see an aura, I always write down what the person was doing/saying so I can improve my interpretations of the different colors, etc I see.)

The next morning, Mark and I went to the beach at Huntington Beach State Park. (If you’re going to South Carolina beaches, skip Myrtle Beach – nasty and commercialized with a run-down circus feel – and go straight for Huntington Beach State Park.) We had an amazing time! A seagull was very interested in our lunch. I threw him a piece of my bagel (a plain bit without toppings – I figured it would be safe), and he walked sideways up to it, pretending he wasn’t that interested. He was so funny! The rest of our time at the beach, he remained nearby.

I remembered seeing dolphins the last time we went to the beach in Florida, and I wondered if they also swam near the beaches in North Carolina. While Mark & I were sitting on a sand dune eating our lunch, I spoke to the dolphins in my mind: Hi dolphins! This is Melanie! I love seeing you! It makes me SO happy. If you are nearby, will you please come to the surface and say hi? Thank you!

Guess what happened right after that? Directly in front of where we were sitting, we saw two dolphins swimming side-by-side. Their dorsal fins kept coming out of the water. They were only about 100ft out from the shore. I was SO excited!!! I ran to the shore and continued running along the shore as the dolphins came to the surface of the water, over and over.

I’m so thankful for that trip and for the help from my Guides, the trees, the dolphins, Grandpa, and all the people and Spirits working behind the scenes.


I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my life. What’s the latest from your psychic journal?

Much love to you!

Melanie Jade 🙂

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